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E.J. Stephens - Hollywood Historian

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Greetings Film and Television Fans!
Have you ever wondered where the final scene of the silent era was filmed? Or where John Wayne first put on spurs? Or where Frank Sinatra, playing a professional killer in the film Suddenly, once tried to assassinate the president? Or where the Americans “fought” the Battle of Iwo Jima?
Learn the answers to these questions and more in my film and television history classes, beginning with Newhallywood On Location: History of Film/TV in the SCV, coming to a classroom near you!
This class features lectures, guest speakers, and clips from several films and television shows filmed around the area, including trips to actual locations themselves.  

Santa Clarita has always been Hollywood's back lot, doubling for everything from Vietnam to alien planets. Whether it's a chase scene in John Ford's Stagecoach or Steven Spielberg blowing us up in War of the Worlds, it happened right here in the SCV! 


SCV in the Movies is always looking for interesting guests with an SCV connection!

E.J. Stephens spends his days as an archivist/historian for a movie studio and his nights as a caped vigilante. When not fighting evil-doers with derring-do and aplomb, E.J. writes Hollywood history books (which nobody reads), leads tours (which nobody goes on), and co-hosts “SCV in the Movies,” (which nobody watches). E.J. is also on the Boards of Directors of the Friends of Hart Park and SCV Historical Society (but he never attends the meetings). He and Kimi, his wife, best friend, and co-conspirator, live in Newhall.